for the dry country
Meg Mooney
Illustration by Sally Mumford
ISBN 9780975110911 
Paperback 215x240mm 304g. 81 pages 

This book by Meg Mooney and Sally Mumford is a book with a quietly authoritative speech and image in which one can hear the beating of that heart in the heart, that breathing of a parched country haunted by a long-ago sea. …Books that take you to the heart of the heart are rare and precious, as are books that tell their story so honestly and so beautifully.  Peter Bishop, Varuna Founding Director

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About Meg Mooney

Meg Mooney is a natural scientist and poet who has been in central Australia for 28 years. Meg is launching her latest book, Being Martha’s Friend, Ginninderra Press, at Eye of the Storm. Meg’s other books are For the dry country: writing and drawings from the Centre, a collaboration with artist Sally Mumford, Ptilotus Press, 2005; and The Gap, co-winner of The Picaro Poetry Prize in 2010.