The milk in the sky
(ed. Janet Hutchinson)
ISBN 9780975110928

Paperback 145x208mm 360g. 227 pages

These writings take us on the road, out bush, onto stations, into town. They allow us glimpses into workplaces and family kitchens, pubs and suburban backyards. They let us bed down in plush resorts, small communities and faithful old swags. They introduce us to old-timers as well as newcomers, in several senses of those words. They give us the chance to stare at the expanse, breathe the air, sip the precious water, rub the sand off our hands and greet each other under that immense, sparkling canopy. Above all, they say, ‘Come on in.’  Janet Hutchinson

The Milk in the Sky is the third publication by Ptilotus Press and brings together writing by twenty-five Central Australian writers. 

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